Why Savita Hospital ?

SAVITA Hospital is working closely with corporate world in and around vadodara. SAVITA Hospital Team is highly experienced of managing health of corporate employees through periodical check-ups/ indoor & outdoor check-ups, medical camps, management of medical emergencies, Health Talk by experienced and well know faculties.

We are also well- known to corporate word because of our competence in managing indoor patients, competitive prices, services and periodic camps to help locals with affordable diagnosis, advice for common diseases. Also tie up with most of TPAs to provide cashless treatment and credit facility for corporate industries.

SAVITA Hospital is providing round the clock service with particular specialization in ICU care, comprehensive indoor management of patients, periodical Check Ups, Ambulance, Pharmacy, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery, Dental, Diagnostic Radiology & Laboratory Services, ENT, General Surgery, Laparoscopy & Gastroenterology, Kidney Transplant & Urologic Surgery, Medical Intensive Care, Neurosciences, Paediatrics, Radiology, Trauma Care and Joint Replacement, Emergency Medical and Surgical Services and provides quality medical care to corporate patients.

We have a latest infrastructure, combined with equipment and facilities to provide excellent care. Our OPD services are provided by the senior specialists and super specialist doctors of Baroda.