How to Plan your Visits

A step-by-step guide on how to plan your visit to SAVITA Hospital.

Know More About Us

This website gives you updated information about our facilities, infrastructure and clinical expertise. Do take time to find out more about us through our About Us pages, read through patient testimonials and experiences, see our segment-specific films, find out where we are located, connectivity and the city’s weather conditions.

Choosing Your Doctor

Through ‘Where does it hurt?’ and the respective specialties, we give detailed information on the doctors and their areas of expertise. Please refer to this section. You could also write in directly to the doctors on the emails listed, should you wish to know more.

In case you do not hear from the doctor within 72 hours (may happen if the doctor is traveling or out of station), please direct your query to our Patient Care Manager at; he will ensure that your query is responded to immediately.

Arranging Travel

If you are traveling abroad for medical care for the first time :

1. Confirm with your doctor if you are fit to travel overseas and keep your doctor informed & where you intend to travel.
2. Check the credentials and experience of the doctor who will treat you. Find out whether the hospital you are choosing can offer care of a level that you expect.
3. Find out about the procedure, procedural and staying charges, follow-up care required and facilities for your companion/s.
4. It is possible that your doctor, upon examining you, may decide to alter the initial treatment suggested or even the diagnosis. Such variations are not routine but could happen, based on the ground realities.
5. Ensure that you carry multiple copies of the necessary travel documents and keep the originals in a safe place when abroad. Records like X-Rays, MRIs, photographs, immunization records, prescriptions and any other health records relevant to the surgery must be carried by you (please try to carry these reports with your carry on luggage in the air craft).
Passport and Visa: You will need a passport for yourself and your travel companion (if any). Depending upon the country you are traveling from, you may or may not need a visa.

Credit cards, debit cards and travellers checks: Bring some local currency, travellers check and one or two major credit cards and debit cards.

Carry your driver's license and make sure it will remain valid while you're traveling.

Your Stay at Baroda

We can recommend 3, 4 or 5-star hotels for your stay (or for that of your companion/s) when you land initially at Baroda, depending on your budget. Baroda has the best of hospitality services at prices significantly cheaper than comparable hotels at Mumbai or New Delhi.