Discharge Process

Our practice always remains straightforward during the time of discharge. Patient and Relatives need to consider few points like pharmacy clearance, TPA Approval, follow up consultation, pending bills etc during discharge. Discharge process, which may take few hours to complete the process. Once your final bill is generated, you are expected to clear your dues by paying cash or by a credit / debit card payment.

Patient / Relatives need to check all their belongings at the time of discharge. The nurse will hand over your discharge summary in your file. SMH does not take and responsibility of lost or stolen belongings. SMH will inform respected authority in case of lost or stolen belongings. Discharge Nurse will also give patient / relative explanation of the medications that need to be continuing after discharge and follow-up instructions.

TPA/Cashless patients final approval is required before discharge. Patient may have to wait until cashless / TPA approval comes for the discharge. Approval can be delayed by TPA/Cashless company for indefinite time, patient may pay bill as per ‘cash patient ‘and get early discharge, SMH will help for documentation in case of reimbursement.

If patient needs any transfer facilities, communicate with SMH team during the admission. We do have a tie up with number of transport facilities, for local and state transfer.