Facilities and Infrastructure

The Out - Patient Department is conveniently situated on the second floor. Qualified nurses are on hand to receive all patients and to assess for the critically ill patients twenty-four hours a day. Emergencies are prioritized and Patients are treated on a first come first served basis. Patients can either walk or be wheeled in, to easily access other crucial facilities at the hospital. The hospital has 24-hour coverage by a qualified doctor and clinician.

At Savita Hospital we strive to serve our patients in the fastest time possible. Registration is situated at the reception area for easy access on all inquiries.

In - Patient Department has a capacity of comfortably accommodating 125 patients consist of

  • Male and Female General Wards

  • Semi Special & Special Rooms

  • Suit Rooms

  • Paediatric Ward

  • Newborn Unit

  • ICU / CCU / SICU

  • Dialysis Room

  • Emergency and trauma Ward

All the patient beds are standard adjustable hospital beds, comfortable, each with a bedside switch, bedside alarm bell switch (for requesting attention medical or otherwise), bedside lamp and partitioning curtains. These beds are spaced as per the recommended international standards.
The department has the capacity to handle a wide variety of conditions.

Nursing services are provided by a team of qualified nurses. The inpatient department embraces Primary Nursing Care for all the wards, geared towards giving personalized care to each patient during their stay in the hospital. Our patients are treated and taken care of in a comfortable environment that promotes patient privacy, recovery, and wellbeing.