Hospital Services

Airport pick-up/transportation by ambulance: If so needed, the hospital offers this facility to patients coming to SAVITA Hospital. You are required to confirm your arrival by sending us the details about your date of arrival, time of arrival, flight Number and name of the airline.

On arrival, you will be received at the airport by our co-ordinator and taken directly to the hospital as per the admission plan. Once in hospital you will be directly taken to the room allotted to you.


SAVITA Hospital offers spacious, well-appointed Deluxe Suites with TV facility, food service, laundry for patients, etc.

Scheduling of Appointments

You need to only confirm your arrival by giving us your arrival details well in advance. We will fix appointments for you accordingly before your arrival so that you need not wait for appointments. Our Patient Care Coordinators will guide you at every step and they will inform you about the appointments, concerned doctors, procedures etc.

Liaison with Insurance Companies

SAVITA Hospital is recognized by major insurance companies. Our dedicated Medi-claim Lounge offers you the necessary comfort and infrastructure for fulfilling the formalities and necessary paperwork for availing the Insurance Services. Please check with us whether your insurance provider is recognized by our hospital for insurance covered treatment. Please contact us for more details.

Multiple Payment Options

The hospital has a cashless facility for patients who are enrolled through third party insurance companies. Please check about the same with the hospital as well as your international medical insurer before you enrol. Additionally, the hospital also accepts payment through Debit and Credit Cards.